Hi, we are Fillaap!

Fillaap provides end to end services in Game Art, Cinematic and 3D Print Design. We specialize in AAA quality assets for video games and movies including 3D Characters, Vehicles, Weapons and Props.
A company is as good as its team, and Fillaap has a young, self motivated and enthusiastic crew for whom client satisfaction is the number one priority. We never compromise quality over time. Fillaap stands by its clients till the benefits are realized.

Services We Offer

Game Art


3D Print Design



I have been working with Karan on a much larger project, his responses have been fast, his work excellent. I am asking him to work at a scale he has never worked on beforehand and he is very happy to receive open feedback about how I thought the work looked and was pleased to change it. He was incredibly thorough in the pre-order stage, asking a lot of insightful questions on what exactly I wanted. This has translated into the design phase wonderfully, he has a clear image of what I was after and has designed it accordingly. His work has been rapid, his responses quick, and he has not let quality suffer. Based on my interactions with Karan I will gladly be commissioning him again


This is the second of many projects I have lined up with Fillaap. Their commitment to detail and making sure I got what I wanted from the commission was brilliant. Their prices were flexible after describing what I was after and he has been responsive to feedback. Cannot recommend, would definitely (and am) using their services again. High fidelity, absolutely nailed what I was after and, I cannot stress this enough, is incredibly respectful and responsive to feedback - even if it means more work. They has consistently gone above and beyond